Honesty. Individuality. Flexibility.

Good writers connect with their audience.

In personal essays, readers expect an authentic personality to shine through. This means opening up about what makes you you. In formal writing, readers demand superior structure, style, and grammar that compliments the thesis or argument.

Meet Your Writing Coach

I am excited to help you achieve your writing goals, just as I have helped so many in the Metro and Upstate New York regions.

– Marion Slater

Proven Success

If you are writing a personal essay, I will help you by getting to know what makes you unique and proud. Then, through proven writing strategies, I will coach you as your story becomes high quality written work.

If you are writing a formal essay, I will show you how to select and organize data in the process of formulating and proving a thesis in a logical and coherent manner.

In both cases, you will come away with not only a well-crafted essay but the practical knowledge, organizational skills, and confidence to write superior essays independently.

I have lots of energy and will help you meet your deadlines – if you accept the challenge!

My Professional Background